From a great blog called MediaShift sponsored PBS and hosted by Mark Glaser, a respected technology journalist. This post lists the 10 most influential moments of the past year that are helping re-shape how we engage with and understand the new media paradigm. — J.S.

As the year 2007 sets in the distance, we can take some time to consider the year that was. I’m not a huge fan of year-end lists, but sometimes they help us get a grip on what transpired — and ponder what’s to come.

What’s perhaps most amazing about 2007 is that two distinct phenomena — the iPhone and popularity of Facebook — were so difficult to predict ahead of time, yet they dominated the headlines and the consciousness of people in new media. Love them or hate them, they just would not go away.

So without further ado, here’s the list of big MediaShifting moments from the past year, ranked from most influential downward.

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