[image-1]After writing about the Charleston Ballet Theatre‘s Seven Deadly Sins, and in particular Jill Eathorne-Bahr’s drawing inspiration for her choreography from the magical fantastical work of representational painter Paul Cadmus (that’s “Lust” to the left), I came across this song. It’s originally by The Specials on the legendary Trojan Records, home of reggae. Last year, DJ Spooky reworked a boat-load of songs from Trojan’s vaults, including this one called “Ghost Town.” Spooky, aka That Subliminal Kid, splices in Slim Smith’s “Doctor Satan Echo Chamber” voice-over. I love how ominous it sounds. There is, for me anyway, a connection between this booming, dark and dreadful voice, the archetypes of the Seven Deadly Sins (to be performed at CBT’s King Street studios this weekend; see my story coming Wednesday) and Cadmus’ eerie, sensational paintings. Here’s an mp3 of the tune. Listen to it while looking at Cadmus’ “Lust.” Yipe.