From my Freeze Frame column in today’s City Paper . . .

I had a dream last week, a nightmare really, about being chased and then eaten alive. Sounds like a scene from Night of the Living Dead? Yep. But that’s not the weird part.

That night I did indeed watch for the first time the 1968 George Romero cult classic, about a radioactive force that turns all of the recently deceased into stalking, unrelenting ghouls who eat people. But in the dream, I was Christopher Hitchens, the author of God Is Not Great and who, in his book The Missionary Position, about Mother Teresa, called the saint “The Ghoul of Calcutta.”

Is there something in common between these “ghouls”? I don’t know. It was a nightmare for Chrissakes.

Anyway, the point is how I watched the movie. I didn’t rent it. I downloaded it using a program called Miro, one of many kinds of new technology with the potential to change how we experience television.

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