[image-1]Judge Markley Dennis ruled Wednesday in favor of the Charleston County Democratic Party’s request for an injunction against Eugene Platt, who’s trying to get on the ballot as a Green Party candidate for House District 115. Though the impact of the decision is unclear, Dennis’ remarks suggest Platt could be in trouble during his next hearing Thursday.

Platt ran and lost the Democratic Primary. He’d previously secured the Green Party nomination, but signed a pledge that he would not campaign for the general election if he lost the Democratic Primary.

Local Dems want him to honor the pledge. Platt notes a line in the pledge refers exclusively to write-in and petition campaigning, therfore it doesn’t prevent him from running as a third-party candidate.

The judge agreed with the Democrats that Platt would have to honor the pledge, or, more specificly, the state law the pledge is modeled after. But the question of the language of the law wasn’t clearly laid out in the judge’s oral decision. Both plantiff and defendent seemed confident after the hearing that the ruling went their way.

The State Election Commission has also said that state law prevents Platt from running.  A ruling against Platt in that case Thursday would make today’s decision moot. While Dennis would not rule on the state case, he offered his observations on the law.

“He can’t appear on the ballot,” he said. “There’s no question in my mind. He can’t be on the ballot if he signed the pledge.”