Some MLBers may be juicing in a different way, as in the way that makes you Hulk out on the IKEA furniture you spent precious hours putting together. But let’s try a nicer, cleaner, greener kind of juice. With juicing becoming all the rage and new cleanses and goddess recipes popping up all over your Pinterest, it also seems like a great way to curb your appetite or detox from the giant pizza your wolfed down last night. So lettuce save you some time and point you to veggie paradise.

Dell’z Vibez
569 C King St.
(843) 577-8900

Coconut water on its own can be gross, especially after it warms up. Woof. But add in some delicious fruits and veggies like they do at Dell’z Vibez, and you’ve turned that questionable beverage into a delicious smoothie or juice. You can always skip the coconut water and hit the juice straight. Dell’z offers some of the most basic juices out there, like the Roger Rabbit that’s just made from carrots, or the aptly named Cuc’ Juice, which is a whole lot of cucumbers.

Earth Fare
74 Folly Road
West Ashley
(843) 769-4800

Shopping can be exhausting. Rather than ripping into the bag of salt and vinegar chips for an energy boost, hit up the juice bar at Earth Fare. Wheatgrass can be added to the juices for an extra surge of energy, or you can add some extra calcium by going for a smoothie (with your choice of soy or almond milk).

The Juice Joint
Farmers Market at Marion Square

108 E. Ashley Ave.
Folly Beach
(512) 767-3814

We’ve done some juice research and learned that the Green Lantern seems to be a popular name for juices. And the Juice Joint’s adds a nice touch of Himalayan sea salt to balance the flavors. Or try the Royal Flush — the beets provide a nice earthiness to the cucumber, kale, celery, and carrot combination. You’ll have to wait until Saturday to grab a juice downtown, or pick one up from the Joint’s Folly location to stay hydrated and flat-stomached at the beach any day.

Purée Café
1034 Chuck Dawley Blvd.
Mt. Pleasant
(843) 884-5464

The Spice Girls knew what was up when they sang “People of the world/ Spice up your life.” Heed the ever-wise ladies’ advice and spice up your juice life with Purée’s picanté juice, which kicks it up with some jalapeño. The Mt. P organic restaurant doesn’t have the largest variety of pre-concocted juices, but they give you some freedom for making your own perfectly delectable combo of up to five seasonably available fruits and veggies.

The Sprout
627 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Suite B
Mt. Pleasant
(843) 849-8554

You may have to cross the Ravenel Bridge to get to the Sprout, but it’s worth it for the selection. Sharing the shopping center with Eco Fitness, the Sprout offers juices with names like the Green Lantern (apple, celery, and wheatgrass), the Green Monkey (pineapple, banana, apple, celery, lemon, and kale), and the Refresher (beets, apple, celery, cuke, and carrot). There’s also one called the Alkaline Margarita for days when you’re feeling a little saucy — of the PG variety.