Charleston is losing one of its design stars. Julia Faye Davison, who hit the scene as an Emerging Designer at Charleston Fashion Week 2010, is moving to Norfolk, Va. later this month. But Charleston fans can still snatch up pieces from her fall/winter collection.

“The line is about comfort, freedom, and frugality,” Davison says. She uses thrifted materials like leather, buckles, and buttons to make new pieces. The line also includes a color palette influenced by her private school days.

“I love dark, rich, and earthy tones,” Davison says. “The colors came to me when I was looking at old photos of my siblings and I at a private school we attended. That maroon and navy color were our uniforms, so I adapted this into this season’s designs.”

While she plans to stay in Norfolk indefinitely, Davison says this won’t be the last you’ll see of her.

“I do plan on coming back to Charleston and still doing work here,” she says. “My family lives here and I was raised here, so Charleston will always be a part of me. Plus it is becoming quite a fashionable city, which is great for all us creative minds.”

Check out Davison’s shop on Etsy. Photos by Rob Mills.