Jump, Little Children have kept fans satiated lately with a flurry of cool announcements, like the introduction of vinyl to the band’s repertoire.

“We are releasing three classic Jump, Little Children albums in full vinyl glory: Magazine, Vertigo, and Between the Dim and the Dark,” the band posted on Facebook yesterday.

The most recent release was Between the Dim and the Dark back in 2004, and it would be just a few years before vinyl made its big comeback.

The records will be available for pre-order on jumplittlechildren.com on Wed. March 1.

Jump said, “We’re excited about this, because some of the members of the band still own turntables, and also because it was the most-requested merch item of the Church and Queen Tour 2016. We listen! And now you can, too: on vinyl!”

In addition, the band revealed the musical support for their April 2017 tour: Young Mister (Asheville by way of Charleston) and local singer-songwriter Katie Rose.

Jump said, “Young Mister is the nom de plume of Steven Fiore, who we have known quite literally since he was a ‘young mister’ – a gregarious teen that found ways to hang out with us by writing songs non-stop and being that guy at a party that says ‘Oh! Where’d this *guitar* come from? Anybody wanna hear a song?’ And he’s still that way, thankfully. You might have seen him on tour with Jay or Slow Runner or even Jeff Goldblum (!), and his new album, and sound, is beautiful.”

Katie Rose was chosen after the band was blown away by her submission video, saying they “crushed hard” on the singer.

Jump said, “In this video she does a *lot* of goofy dancing: to the soundtrack of Hamilton, to some R&B, to one of her own songs, with her dog, in what looks like her parents’ living room. She wanted us to know that if she were to come on tour with us we’d have to be OK with people dancing, I suppose. (We are.) But what really hooked us about her video were all the deep-track J,LC references: a roaring fireplace here, a love of Harry Potter books there, a general dislike of Skittles … it was the kind of video that *we’d* spend a number of hours putting together for fun, something that highlighted *our* nerdiness and lack of pretension.”

You can catch Jump, Rose, and Young Mister on the road in Asheville, Carrboro, Atlanta, and Birmingham.

And don’t forget that Jump, Little Children will also perform at Shovels & Rope’s inaugural High Water festival at Riverfront Park in North Charleston. The fest is scheduled for April 22-23.