This band just won’t quit with the surprises.

In a press release that sounds more like a heartfelt letter to fans, Jump, Little Children announced a ticket lottery for their New Year’s Eve show at the Music Farm, Charleston. 

While we all thought those tickets were long gone, little did we know the band had set aside 100 premium tickets they’ll release via a lottery beginning today at an unspecified time. Ending on Thurs. Dec. 10, the lottery will ensure all fans get a fair chance at getting tickets. 

Winners of these premium tickets will receive:
• Ticket(s) to the sold-out NYE, Music Farm show in Charleston
• An invitation to a private soundcheck party on Thurs. Dec. 31
• Early entrance with VIP ticket holders and signed VIP poster
• Choice of one merch item (value of $25)

To sign up for the lottery, hurry over to

Winners of the lottery will be contacted on Fri. Dec. 11 by 5 p.m. 

Evan Bivins also posted a video to Facebook yesterday indicating the band’s rehearsal is officially underway. 

As for the letter to the fans, it goes like this: 

“After a ten year hiatus, we are really excited to announce a nine-date, five-city series of shows this December. We’re calling it the “Church and Queen Tour” — naming it after the two streets that intersect at the Historic Dock Street Theatre in Charleston, SC, where we played our last show in 2005.

At first we weren’t sure whether a band reunion was the right thing to do. We called our parting of ways in 2005 a “hiatus”, but you have to wonder what that word means after a decade has gone by. We had all moved away from Jump, Little Children by starting new projects and families, playing with different musicians, and relocating to new cities. We felt that we couldn’t have had a more perfect book-end to a career than our last show at the Dock Street Theatre, a performance that was captured for posterity on ‘Live at the Dock Street Theatre’. The thought of trying to write another chapter in the ‘Book of Jump’ ten years later wasn’t immediately interesting to us. We were afraid of spoiling a memory by trying to revisit it.

But fear never stopped this band. 2015 is a sentimental year for us: not only because it marks ten years since we said our goodbyes to the band and its fans, but also because it’s the twentieth-year anniversary of our very first record, The Licorice Tea Demos. The making of that album, and the success the band achieved in the years that followed, would not have been possible if fear had gotten in our way.

Instead of worrying about a reunion tarnishing something old, we decided to see it as being something new, entirely: “an experiment”, we called it.

The first part of this experiment: would anyone come to shows if we booked them? The answer to that question was “yes”, and we have been so touched and excited to be able to sell out an entire mini-tour’s worth of dates. Our original thought was to keep this reunion to the Dock Street Theatre, but when those seats sold immediately we knew we had to find more dates for our fans. Since the Dock Street performances are acoustic sit-down affairs, we opted to make all other gigs good old-fashioned rock shows. We made it a point to book venues that, like Dock Street, we wanted to play again: the Exit/In in Nashville, the Visualite Theatre in Charlotte, and the Music Farm in Charleston. We’ll be visiting new places like the Terminal West in Atlanta and the Farm in Columbia, too.

So here we are. Jump, Little Children’s Experiment of 2015. Welcome to the Church and Queen Tour.”