[image-1] This Saturday the Miller Gallery presents a new collaborative exhibit from local artists Kate Hooray Osmond and Laura Dargan: Stop, Listen. The artists will participate in an Instagram Live Q&A on June 20 from 1-2 p.m.

Dargan and Osmond created the works for this series by “allowing their emotional process to speak for them.” The title reflects their artistic process: stop and listen.

The artists worked through their own realities — and the realities of an international pandemic as well as national civil unrest — on shared surfaces, using each other’s styles as jumping off points for their different ways of creating.

Osmond used Dargan’s abstract paintings as a launch point for her gilded, geometric color fields.

A limited number of seats will be available during the June 20 Q&A; you can RSVP via email, info@millergallerychs.com.

Miller Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday, 12-4 p.m. with a max capacity of 12 people in the gallery at one time. Masks and hand sanitizer are available at the door.