The National Review Online reports that S.C. GOP chair — and former national GOP head candidate — Katon Dawson is not behind a rumored no-confidence vote against current GOP chair Michael Steele, as previously reported by at least one political blog, Political Wire.

Here’s what Dawson told NRO:

I support Michael Steele. Our Committee elected him knowing that he can lead us during this critical time for our Party. The people behind this anonymous rumor are clearly intent on dividing the Republican National Committee and our Party at a time when we need to be united.

Dawson then added — with a wink and smile — “And besides, we all know that Steele is just a figurehead. Rush Limbaugh is the real leader of the Republican Party” … at least that’s what he might have done, if, well, Rush Limbaugh was in control of something other than selling time-share units on his ever-expanding belly and competing against George Lucas in a competition to see who has the most neck fat in the known universe .