[image-1] Y’all hanging in there? This storm is something, huh? Of course, some dudes downtown are doing their Charlestonian duty – kayaking down the road in the storm water.

This is where we are obligated to remind you of all the reasons why it’s a bad idea. In case this is your first rodeo, from the archives: What are the dangers of kayaking on Market Street? The short version: besides there being the danger of downed power lines lurking in the water, the water is dirty as all get out and full of fecal matter. Imagine a mix of sewer overflow; the waste of carriage horses, dogs, cats, and critters; run off lawn chemicals; car exhaust; and regular old street grime. Yum!

That did not stop local #HurricaneHeroes Zach Hough and Brandon Hughes from kayaking down Ashley Avenue. This storm is stressful, so it is good at least someone is having fun, curfew be damned.
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