[image-1] Ken Stringfellow is coming to Charleston on Oct. 1 for a secret show in a private home. Sounds pretty intriguing right? Stringfellow will be playing solo in a secretive house and focusing on his 2001 album, Touched, which he says “remains a fan favorite.”

You might remember Ken Stringfellow from the ’80s power pop band the Posies. Stringfellow found success as a solo artists beginning in 1997, and while he currently has rejoined forced with the Posies, even working on a new album with them set for release in 2020, he still enjoys playing solo shows. “I am unaccompanied,” Stringfellow told us. “In the end it’s all about the feelings I’m trying to convey — grief, loss, hope, love, humor.”

The secret’s out and so are tickets. They are starting at $25 and can be purchased at kscharleston.eventbrite.com. Tell your friends, purchase your tickets, and check out the music that Stringfellow describes as “highly emotional.” Ticket holders will receive the address the day before the event.