She had mentioned this as a potential direction for the campaign last week. Today, it’s official.

The Ketner for Congress campaign will transform into a non-partisan group inviting the 163,724 Ketner voters to join other moderates who are ready, willing and able to make the First District a better place to live. We are developing a plan and set of objectives to give moderates in the District not only a voice but a role in problem solving where government seems to be stuck.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll identify specific objectives for such a group.  For example, we may bring together people in Town Hall formats to identify problems and opportunities within the District.  Once or twice a year, we might hold a summit where action plans to solve those problems or take advantage of opportunities are developed.   Areas to be addressed are likely to be where South Carolina lags behind:   education, the environment, small business, jobs, poverty, growth, healthcare, crime, arts and commerce, women in political office, social justice.

Will Linda Ketner run again for Congress?  “It’s possible,” says Ketner.  She would not comment further.