Former Democratic candidate Linda Ketner told friends and supporters today that she will not be running for Congress this year.

Ketner challenged Congressman Henry Brown in a close race in 2008. She had announced last year that she wouldn’t run in 2010 and might weigh a second run in 2012. But she was prompted to reconsider her decision after the surprise announcement last week that Congressman Henry Brown would not seek a sixth term.

“Personally and professionally, 2010 is not the time for me to mount a campaign,” she said.

Obviously aware that the race is extremely fluid right now, with an unknown number of fresh faces possibly popping up in the next few days and weeks, Ketner didn’t give her endorsement to any candidate. But she did say that she’s studying closely the positions of Col. Robert Burton, a Mt. Pleasant Democrat who announced his campaign in November.

“He and I met over 10 years ago and worked together on affordable housing initiatives in South Carolina,” she said. “I find him to be a man of integrity, service and leadership and will study his candidacy carefully.”