Graham and Harrison debated on Saturday | Photo via C-SPAN, WIS-TV

The race between U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison is a toss up, according to one of the country’s leading political handicappers.

The Cook Political Report officially moved its assessment of the Graham-Harrison race into the “toss up” category on Wednesday, just 27 days before election day.

Harrison is the first challenger to run a competitive campaign against Graham, whose ubiquitous presence on national TV has made him a household name. By many measures — polls, fundraising, media attention — the horserace has been close or leaning in Harrison’s favor for some time.

Harrison has outspent Graham 3-to-1 as of Oct. 6, according to a Cook analyst, pouring more than $60 million into the race from just the campaign alone with another $8 million spent by outside groups trying to swing the race.

A Sept. 30 Quinnipiac University poll showed the Senate race tied at 48 percent, with 50 percent of likely voters saying they don’t think Graham is honest.

“Jaime is peaking at exactly the right time, and he’s got a deluge of money. [Harrison] is blocking every pass there is from Republicans,” one unnamed S.C. Republican strategist told the Cook Report.

Graham has taken to Fox News in recent weeks, asking viewers to donate toward his reelection. “Help me. They’re killing me moneywise,” he told host Sean Hannity on Sept. 24.

Graham is not the only Republican facing a tough reelection fight as the party works to hold their Senate majority. GOP senators in North Carolina, Georgia, Iowa, Maine and Montana are also ranked as toss ups in Cook’s analysis.

With polls tightening as South Carolina voters head to the polls to begin voting absentee, Harrison is expected to report another record fundraising quarter for Q3, which ended in September.