Love the beautiful city that we live in. There is something about downtown Charleston that you just have to love and hate at the same time. Enter me and my family, Charleston native all my life. Decided to play tourist for the day, take the kiddos downtown for a spring break getaway. We “natives” have gotten use to the ways of downtown market traffic. Its like playing frogger. You take your chances. So to the gentleman (using the term loosely) driving the overpriced so shiny I could see my reflection black foreign car, Thank you for almost obliterating my family and I as we crossed the street, at a stop sign, while using the crosswalk. Your impatience didn’t go unnoticed. Unless there was someplace that you had to be that was on the market, common sense would have told you, beautiful Charleston day, middle of Spring Break week, why on earth would you choose to drive the market if you were in such a hurry?