[image-1]King Dusko, the small, anything-and-everything arts and music space that hip-hop musician McKenzie Eddy opened in 2013, is shutting its doors at the end of August — but before they do, they’re throwing a party in true Dusko style. 

On Aug. 22, the space — which operated as an art gallery, music venue, comedy club, beer garden, and coffee shop, among other things — is hosting Last Dance with Dusko, an evening of music by nine local acts, live portrait painting, and live mural painting. Artist Taylor Epps is doing the portrait painting, while Crosby Jack, a street artist who’s shown his vaguely psychedelic work at Dusko before, will be handling the mural. And because it’s Dusko, who knows what other kind of artistic expression might pop up throughout the course of the night. 

Bands performing include She Returns from War, McKenzie Eddy & the Fire, Diaspoura, Great Yankee, and Rico and Miranda. You can see the full lineup on the Facebook event page. Tickets are $10, and you get grab ’em here.