I was listening to Richard Todd on WTMA this morning and I heard him make the off-hand remark that he’ll write-in Ron Paul’s name on Nov. 4. Guess what? You can’t.

An assortment of voters pepper their ballots on election day with Mickey (Mouse), usually followed down-ticket with his running mates, Donald and Goofy. For some, it’s a political statement or declaration of indifference. For others it’s a joke. Voters can write in Mickey for nearly any office. But for more than 25 years, South Carolina voters have been banned from writing in a candidate for president, forced to pick one of the options given or not vote at all.

For a look at the history of this backwards and (truly unexplainable) law and the crazy write-in votes (some seen above) for other offices, check out our March story.

In related news: We’re sure that Sen. John McCain isn’t worried about losing South Carolina, but Ron Paul supporters are sticking the thorn in his side in Montana, according to this poll:

Barack Obama  44.4%

John McCain  40.2%

Ron Paul  4.2%

Ralph Nader  .7%

Bob Barr  1%

Undecided  9.5%