[image-1] The loud hot vibes at the Pour House just got louder and hotter (and yes, perhaps even vibe-ier).

Kwei Fei owners David and Tina Schuttenberg have announced that they will be opening another concept at PoHo this summer — Micho. David says Micho will serve Mexican street food, inspired by the cuisine of his Arizona youth. The chef lived in the Grand Canyon State from six weeks to 27 years old, “Without stepping on my feet in terms of my Chinese cooking, Mexican food was my first love before I was even cooking.”

Micho will be located adjacent to the main stage on the venue’s outside deck, where a food truck now sits. The truck will be replaced with a larger, more efficient shipping container space because a “food truck is never a fun place to work.”
[content-4] David says they initially were thinking about pumping the concept out of their Kwei Fei kitchen, but they’ve been busier than expected, so a second commercial kitchen was in order.

You can expect to taste chef’s take on Mexican eats at Kwei Fei the end of April through May 5, Cinco de Mayo. The dishes will be similar to what they served at their pop-up Cinco de Mayo party last year which, David says, “we started on a lark because we got killed on St. Paddy’s Day.” No one, apparently, wants dry pot on the fifth of May. The pop-up also marked the 10th anniversary of the opening of David’s NYC Mexican spot, Cabrito, which closed in 2010.

When Micho opens (David is hoping end of June), those attending deck shows will have easy access to a menu that veers more street food than full on entrees — think tacos, tortas, guac. If you wanna grab and go, there will be a takeout window located on the outside of the container facing the parking lot.

Construction and permitting aside, David doesn’t foresee the project taking long to get off the ground. “I have a history of cooking this food, we’re not starting from scratch. Micho will be all of my favorites — these are things I’m intimately familiar with, that I’ve been eating for years and years and years.”

For much Micho updates, follow Kwei Fei’s Instagram, and peep at Micho’s new ‘gram, too.