[embed-1]Have you heard? David Schuttenberg’s popular Sichuan concept, Kwei Fei, is ending their residency at The Daily and moving into The Lot on James Island.

Schuttenberg says that the purpose of Kwei Fei was to always “brick and mortar the concept” and that after running into Pour House and The Lot owners Vanessa and Alex Harris at various events around town, and chatting about a temporary pop-up, the long term residency just kind of fell into place. Alex and Vanessa, who announced on Facebook in September that they’d be closing up The Lot, say of the transition, “We’re super excited to be partnering with another local business at The Pour House. We’ve been frequenting Kwei Fei regularly over the past year and love what Tina and David do.”

You can expect to see Sichuan dishes on James Island in early November, but until then, get your fix at The Daily every Friday and Saturday through the end of October, or catch them at Stems and Skins (with a side of fashion and vino) this Mon. Oct. 15.

Schuttenberg pops up with snacks starting at 5 p.m., and our friends at S&S will be pouring appropriate glasses of wine to pair with the fare. Present and the Future will be at the wine bar with their collection of secondhand designer and vintage clothing, so you can curate your fall wardrobe with more pop-up dates in mind.