Take some killer Mexican food, add La Morra Pizzeria, and what do you get? Hopefully enough money to help CodeOn continue a program designed to teach underprivileged kids how to code. That’s the plan Jimmy Poole and Robert Berry, co-owners of forthcoming Pancito & Lefty, hope to do with their upcoming Mexican Italian mash-up.

Joined by mobile pizza maker La Morra Pizzeria, the crew plan to set up at Kudu on Thurs. Dec. 15 at 5 p.m. for what Poole and Berry are calling a Battle Royale, all to support CodeOn’s efforts.

CodeOn is a product of Charleston Women in Tech, a nonprofit designed to support women working in tech careers. To that end, the group offers coding classes to kids who aren’t being exposed to it at school or in their neighborhoods. CodeOn meets at Laundry Matters, a downtown laundromat/community center on America Street. There, children ages four to 16 are invited to drop by for weekly coding lessons.

“As Charleston is growing so quickly, especially in the technology world, this is one of the programs we feel is making an effort to truly help in a unique way,” says Poole.

And to help CodeOn continue its programs, the Thursday night Battle Royale will contribute some of its proceeds to the program.