The Charleston leg of the Lambs and Clams World Tour wrapped up on Saturday night with an amazing spread of food at the FIG After Party, which was hosted by Mike Lata of FIG (pictured above with Hugh Acheson) and Adam Nemirow.

And it really all came down to one little bite made by Richie Brandenburg, who spent the day in the FIG kitchen preparing. His dish was a small square of toast topped with a hunk of lamb belly, a clam steamed in some butter and juice, and fragrant sprigs of mint and dill. A perfect way to end the Lambs and Clams World Tour.

Instead of heading down to the Battery for late-night oysters, the crew were on hand for the party, which had quite a spread. In addition to oysters and lambs, there was smoked mutton, lamb sausage stew, sorghum lamb ribs, and a smoked whole hog courtesy of Rodney Scott.

Our favorite shepherd Craig Rogers was there with Jen Carroll and her camera crew. I saw her cooking up some ribs in the FIG kitchen before the party started.

Spotted Trotter from Atlanta was there with an amazing spread, including these chicarrones with a dropper of some spicy sorghum vinegar elixir.

The Rappahannock oyster team, in a clean, well-lighted place (as opposed to a dark waterfront park).

Rodney Scott and Jeff Allen were on hand for the fun.

Sean Lilly Wilson from Fullsteam trucked down with some fantastic samples of beer for the festival. I liked the one modeled after the flavors of an RC Cola and Moonpie.

Great party, made even better by Manhattans on tap.