[image-1]Although there may be no place like home, the Emerald City is much closer than you think. The Land of Oz, a restored amusement park in Beech Mountain, N.C. that recreates the sights of the classic film, just announced that the park will open its doors this summer for four magical days. Just click your heels three times, drive for five and a half hours, and you’re there.

Originally opened in 1970, the park was fully operational for a decade. Now those looking to take a trip somewhere over the rainbow this summer have four Fridays to pick from in June to make their way down the Yellow Brick Road. With tickets starting at $12.50, you don’t need a brain to see that this is the perfect opportunity to visit this technicolor wonderland.

[image-2] Perched atop Beech Mountain, the Land of Oz offers all those with enough courage the opportunity to check out the witch’s castle as they take a guided tour led by none other than Dorothy. Whether you’re in search of a heart or just looking for a new way to experience Dark Side of the Moon, chances are you won’t want to miss this rare chance for a summer in Oz.