Thank you Charleston Police Department or should I say, the asshole who called them, for ruining my relationship with my girlfriend. So I crawled through her window at two in the morning, w/e she told me to because she didn’t want to get up from bed to unlock the door. What I soon realized, was that cuddling with her was succeptible to a full out search of her apartment for a robber. Jesus, fucking christ, I was in my underwear when I was told to come outside and spread ’em. Much to the department’s disapointment though, they would only find out my girlfriend actually lived there and had allowed me to enter her apartment through her window. Thanks to the fine work of the Charleston Police Department and the douchebag that called them, she has kicked me out. I would like to dedicate this lack of nightcap to the wonderfully protective Charleston Police Department and the fucking tool who has nothing better to do than call them at two in the morning when he sees a white guy crawling through a window and doesn’t leave soon afterwards to be suspected of a fucking robbery.