Here’s the latest results. The survey is taking a week off in advance of Easter (to avoid a really inappropriate question about Christ).

1. The 32nd Annual Cooper River Bridge Run is this Sat., April 4. It’s a 10K run that starts in Mt. Pleasant and ends on the other side of the Cooper River downtown. For those unfamiliar, a 10K is:

B. An exchange program that wrongly suggests Kenyans will literally run for their life when faced with 38,000 white people.

D: Create Your Own Answer. A few of our favorites:

Self torture”

“Just like the Carolina Cup — an excuse to drink without actually attending the event itself.”

“A yearly test of engineer’s calculations for the bridge over the Cooper River. (please let them be correct)”

2. South Carolina’s unemployment rate climbed to 11 percent in February, according to state numbers released last week. What’s the one thing that’s keeping us upbeat during these tough times.

C. Willful ignorance of our 401K balance.

3. Madonna is back in Malawi, reportedly in an attempt to adopt another Malawian orphan. What is her deal?

(Tie) A. Best to have children with a natural language barrier so that Madonna’s fake British accent isn’t so weird.

D. To get attention (Gee, where would she get the idea that we’d be paying attention? Oh, wait …)

4. After two pretty horrible weeks (we’re looking at you Duke, Utah, Wake Forest, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Memphis) we’ve gone ahead and retired our March Madness bracket for the year. What’s the reason for all of these upsets?

C. Players were more concerned about party school rankings than NCAA rankings