These two Theatre 99 favorites represent both ends of the improv spectrum — the cerebral, long-form Moral Fixation paired with the ridiculously goofy Southern-fried humor of Neckprov.

Moral Fixation

This two-man show starring Greg Tavares and Lee Lewis has been going strong for eight years now. Tavares explains that the show is called Moral Fixation because “we encounter some characters that are dealing with something in their lives, a dilemma or a problem, then see how they deal with that problem in the show.” Because of this unique format, the show is longer, developing deep, involved characters in a real life story that takes time.


Are you a redneck? Are your in-laws rednecks? Or maybe you’re a city slicker with an unabated fascination with rednecks. Regardless of your stance on the redneck lifestyle, Neckprov group member Greg Tavares loves this show because it’s the only one where he doesn’t play himself. He and the other six group members perform the show as if the entire world was made up of rednecks. You’re guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised when redneck versions of Leonardo DaVinci, Winston Churchill, and Ben Franklin make an appearance. —

Thurs. Jan. 17, 9 p.m. $5. Theatre 99