Charleston Stand-Up Showdown

Jan. 18-19, 9:30 p.m.; $12.50; Tonik;

In one of the new few stand-up performances of the Comedy Festival, New York comedians Tom McCaffrey and Steve Burr compete head to head at Tonik allowing you to decide who’s the funniest man on Earth.

Born in Manhattan and educated in drama at the LaGuardia Performing Arts High School, McCaffrey studied alongside Omar Epps and Adrien Brody.

After getting his break with the 2003 Laugh Riots competition, McCaffrey was featured on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and Shorties Watching Shorties in 2004. Since then, he has hosted the Secret Stash movie three times and appeared on VH1’s All Access. McCaffrey most recently hosted eight episodes of Animal Planet’s Friday night show The A-List.

Burr’s comedy career began with a first-place finish in his hometown’s 1998 Funniest Person in Rochester (N.Y) contest. From there, his glamorous journey to the top included serving drinks at comedy clubs and performing until he earned the right to headline his own shows. He now tours across the country.

Burr regularly travels overseas to entertain the troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Italy, and Germany. His podcast 3 Things You Never Talk About has been integrated into a new show on the Turner Network called Odd America.