Thunder, lightning, and hail couldn’t keep us away from the Comedy Festival’s L’after Party at Mellow Mushroom on Friday night. We thought the place would be dead but many fans braved the crappy weather for a chance to rub elbows with the funny elite.
Drink specials kept the event lively and the guests pleasant as the second floor bar filled with a talkative crowd. Luckily, we snagged a table close enough to hear the comedians praising each others’ sets and mingling with the audience members. By 1 a.m. we thought we were seeing double as Myq Kaplan was sitting at the table next to us while performing on Letterman. Thankfully it was just the wonders of television and not our imbibing of brews.

And thank goodness the performers were friendly because our sad attempt at comedy was making more people laugh at us rather than with us. In between us cackling at our own jokes, we gained some important pointers about the world of professional LOLs:

Lauren Krass: If people listen when you talk you can make a career out of it.
Vince Fabra: “Not sucking” is a really important skill to have when performing.
Quincy Jones: Changing your set every time will make your audience love you and your fellow comics nervous.
Dusty Slay: Sarah McLachlan commercials are hurting the market for good dead cat jokes.
Tim Höeckle: Though New York City can make you a celebrity, there’s something special about Charleston’s camaraderie and audience that keeps comics coming back for more.
We also realized that the general public probably isn’t funny to people that get paid to be funny. Learning the hard way, we slipped away into the night to practice our punchlines for the Saturday night’s after-party at Butcher & Bee.