Lava Salon owner Geoff Richardson was met with a disturbing but familiar scene this morning: the front window of his Avondale shop was shattered and about $150 in cash was stolen from the register. The salon suffered a similar break-in just over a year ago.

Richardson says details of the “smash and dash” are similar to last year’s crime, and he thinks it could be the same person. He says the salon’s corner location may have made it an easier target. The police have dusted for prints and an investigation is underway.

The salon has taken a forgiving stance, spray-painting on the temporary plywood the message: “Dear Thief, We Forgive You.”

“It sucks, but at the end of the day, it’s not worth it,” Richardson says. “You can’t change it.”

Richardson has collected the broken glass and plans to ask artists to incorporate it into a piece of art to auction off to help cover the cost of repairs, which are expected to total $1,000. He plans to give half of the proceeds to charity.

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