Todd Lewis, leader of the Charleston School of Law’s Law Republicans club, says members have so far collectively declined a suggestion that they hand out copies of the Charleston City Paper’s recent gay issue to other local media and at area churches.

Kathy Crawford, an employee in the office of Republican Congressman Henry Brown, had e-mailed a member of the group, suggesting two ways members could help the campaign: stuffing envelopes with candy bars and handing out copies of our recent issue with Democratic opponent Linda Ketner’s picture among other gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly people on our cover.

Though the message appears to come from Crawford, she says the gay-baiting suggestion actually came from someone else and she mistakenly passed it on when she was making the request for envelope stuffers. Lewis says that he was just passing on a message about volunteer opportunities that had been passed on to him. Both sounded shocked to be called regarding the e-mail.

Law Republican members have responded to Lewis’ call for volunteers, but they’re strictly stuffers and not into the anti-gay stuff.

“We’re not really interested in that part,” Lewis says.

Note: The first post is updated with the Brown campaign’s assertion that they have no intention of making Ketner’s sexuality a campaign issue.