Photo by Ruta Smith

Best Lawyer
Andy Savage

After spending more than 45 years practicing law, it’s no wonder that Andy Savage’s clients consider him the best lawyer in Charleston. Savage began practicing criminal and litigation law in 1975, but even after all these years and countless cases, he still loves what he does. According to Savage, every case is different and must be treated with the utmost importance in order to give every client the best possible service. He decided to go into law as a high school student, citing “youthful idealism” as the reason behind his choice. After attending and graduating from the USC School of Law in 1975, Savage worked in the solicitor’s office and the attorney general’s office. When he relocated to Charleston in 1980, he worked for the Solicitor in town before teaming up with another local lawyer, Gedney Howe. Eventually, he decided it was time to open his own practice. Savage credits his success to his client relationships. “My focus is 100% on the client,” he said. “And, I like to emphasize that I am a counselor as much as I am an advocate.”