Vincent Sheheen has a lot of friends. There’s Chris Christie’s campaign lawyer. Former S.C. Attorney General Charlie Condon. The S.C. Bar Association. The American Bar Association. And as of today, the Charleston County Bar Association. And not a single one of them are pleased with the two Republican Governors Association ads attacking state Sen. Sheheen for his work as a defense attorney, ads which paint Sheheen as a defender of child molesters and wife beaters — which technically speaking he is.

Now, there’s no denying that the ads are shameless, you know because of due process, the Constitution, Mel Gibson yelling “Freedom,” and electrolytes, yada yada yada. But there’s no denying that they are effective.

I mean, this twin-prong attack makes Sheheen look slimier than Donald Sterling (Note: Apparently you can rape a woman and play in the NBA, but you can’t, you know, be a racist douchebag. And just because it needs to said, apparently you can rape a woman and play in the NFL and win the Heisman trophy too. #notrolemodels).

And so, the collective gasp of defense attorneys and their prosecutorial brethren across the land will do nothing to lessen the impact that these two ads will have. Unless these groups go on the attack themselves — which they won’t — their cries will go unheard of by the masses. Sheheen will lose in November to Gov. Nikki Haley.

See, politics is all about confrontation. It’s all about the attack. Op-eds are meaningless. Blog posts are meaningless. Even well-researched, fair-and-balanced, fact-checking reporting is meaningless. There is literally no substance to politics, and there never has been.

It’s a shameless sport played by shameless narcissists who shamelessly live on the public dole and cynically manipulate public opinion. And the only way to win a game that debased, to defeat an opponent who will do next to nothing to drag you through the pig-pen mud, is to be willing to take the shit into your hands and lob away.