[image-1]Already controversy is brewing about Oliver Stone’s biopic of George W. Bush. It’s called W. and Josh Brolin (left) is the protagonist.

It’s scheduled for release just before we go to the polls to vote for the next president. The trailer was leaked over the weekend and has a number of pundits gabbing about just the trailer’s impact, let alone the movie itself.

Some say it will hurt McCain’s bid for the Oval Office, because his platform is partly a continuation of Bush’s policies. But I think Roger Moore, film critic for the Orlando Sentinel, is about right:

There’s a good chance that “nobody’s going to see” a movie about “an unpopular lame duck, any more than they’re going to see a movie about the Iraq War,” Moore said in OrlandoSentinel.com’s blog Frankly My Dear. Most “people have tuned the past out, and are watching cable right now because they’re all about the future—the election.”