Ted will demonstrate butchering skills
  • Ted will demonstrate butchering skills

Have you ever wished you knew how to butcher a lamb? Yeah, neither have we — until now, that is. At Ted’s Butcher Demo Dinner on Thursday, they’ll be demonstrating how to break down a lamb in addition to preparing the resulting cuts and sections.

Owner Ted Dombrowskie got the idea for the butcher demo after customers asked him about the process. “I want people to know where their meat comes from,” he says. After showing one customer how to break down a goat, Dombrowski realized more customers would be interested in learning how their meat is broken down and processed.

Now we know what you might be thinking: whole animal, breaking it down, that sounds gruesome — ew. But it’s not as gory as you may have imagined. The animal comes in skinned and drained, ready to be separated into parts for cooking. “It doesn’t turn most people’s stomachs,” Ted said. “It just looks like a lamb without any fur.” Just in time for Easter!

While you’re getting a lesson standing around the butcher block in Ted’s kitchen, try not to be distracted by the smell of the lamb shanks cooking for dinner. Oh, did we forget to mention that part? After you’re done with the lesson portion of the evening, you’ll enjoy an intimate sit-down dinner of freshly prepared lamb shanks (from a different animal than the one you just learned how to butcher), served with beer and wine. The gathering is limited to 10-12 people, but spots are still available, so call Ted’s to make a reservation.

If you can’t make it to this demo there will be a couple more this year, each one featuring a different animal.