[image-1] Jackrabbit Filly closed their doors a month ago due to the coronavirus. While we patiently await the return of the hip New Chinese American fusion cuisine, chef Shuai Wang is giving at-home cooks the chance to make his scallion pancake during an online cooking class this Thurs. April 23 from 6-7 p.m.
[content-1] The class is powered by ChefsFeed, which has transitioned from in-person experiences to online livestreams during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a ChefsFeed post, Wang says that a trip to Shanghai completely changed his perspective on the scallion pancake. "For most of my life up to that point I always thought scallion pancakes were these thin crispy pancakes, like the ones my mom made for me. Shanghai-style scallion pancakes are thicker, like an English muffin kind of thick."

Attendees can purchase $20 tickets and find all the ingredients to make this "flaky, chewy, crispy" appetizer online.