Say what you will about S.C. state Sen. Lee Bright — he’s a ban-the-Fed loon, a purveyor of right-wing paranoia porn, a goofball politico shunned by some members of his own party for his utter bubba-batshattery — the dude knows how to deliver a punch to his opponents.

First, there was his classic Star Wars themed re-election ad which positively eviscerated his opponent Herni Thompson, and now there’s his latest email blast in which he plays the “Is Lindsey Graham gay?” card. The email reads:

Senator Lindsey Graham is not what he seems.

He has been hiding a dark secret from everyone. His friends, his family, voters in South Carolina, Republicans, and all Americans — and it’s finally time he comes out with the truth.

He is an Obama-loving liberal.

You see what he did there? Clever, yes? Absolutely. But it’s also an act of cowardice.

See, I seriously doubt Bright will admit that he was alluding to questions about Graham’s sexuality when the state senator penned those lines. He will either deny it outright or try to pull a me-so-naughty cute-juke, a little batting-the-lashes spin move that’s neither an admission nor denial. 

So what’s it going to be, Lee? Were you or were you not alluding to questions about Lindsey’s sexuality in your email? Surely, you’re man enough to answer it honestly. If you’re not, then, I hate to say this, but you’re too light in the loafers to fill Lindsey Graham’s shoes.