As I have stated repeatedly, when it comes to voting for candidates I have two litmus tests – they must be right on war and illegal immigration, meaning they must be satisfactorily non-interventionist and border hawks/immigration restrictionists.

It’s not that I don’t care about other issues, but in my opinion these two are the most crucial because they both promise to do the most long term, irreparable damage to the U.S. For example, if a liberal meets both, his big government ideas couldn’t be any worse than Bush’s own bloated budget and massive statism. And if a conservative meets both, that he might also be anti-gay or wants to outlaw gambling, pornography etc. matter little in the grand scheme of things. In comparison, I simply don’t care, nor are any of these petty side issues likely to even come to fruition.

Defying conventional political standards, Leftists like Ralph Nader and Rightists like Ron Paul are great on both issues. And they aren’t alone. Check out this ad in today’s Post & Courier from Ben Frasier, a Democrat running for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District:

Frasier promises to “bring our troops home from Iraq” and also supports “closing the borders to illegal immigrants” and “no amnesty.” Works for me – done and done. Frasier has my support.

What’s interesting is Frasier’s other positions. The worst are “increasing federal education funding” (we need to gut and discard government education, not encourage it) and “providing healthcare for all Americans.” Typical big govenrment liberalism. After all, Frasier is a Democrat.

But how about “full disability and retirement benefits to disabled veterans, Guard and Reservists, keeping the government off our phone lines, display(ing) the Ten Commandments in public buildings and maintain(ing) ‘Under God’ in the pledge of allegiance?”

Is Frasier Mike Huckabee? Ron Paul? Pat Buchanan? Coupled with his anti-interventionism and border enforcement positions, Frasier the Democrat, is well to the Right of Republican Presidential nominee John McCain and his little buddy Lindsey Graham. What sort of fool would urge conservatives they “gotta vote Republican” to keep “damn Democrats” like Frasier out of office?

I would vote for a Democrat like Frasier 10 times before I pulled the lever for Republicans like Bush, McCain or Graham once. Not because I’m a liberal – but PRECISELY because I’m a conservative.

It seems the conventional parameters of Left/Right and Republican/Democrat are becoming increasingly archaic.