The typical notion of a classic American meal would be a frosty brew with a big beef burger. Typical indeed, but let’s flip that. How about crafted cocktails with manageable measures of meat, cheese, and bun. For this week’s Leftovers, I’m throwing it back to photos I shot for our SWIG bar guide as well as a handful of images that didn’t make this week’s Charleston Burger Week Issue. Included are some of the drinks the Cocktail Bandits were so generous to share with us, along with smaller meat masterpieces, tiny burgers if you will.
[image-4]Feathertop’s Gabacho Negroni

Noah Singerman crafted a delicious classic with his own twist, no pun intended. This mixture is a blend of Del Maguey Mezcal, Aperol, Dolin Blanc, Breckenridge bitter. This cocktail tasted better than it looked, and it was a finalist for the cover of SWIG.
Avion-de-Acronacias at the Best Friend Bar

I like this spot. Almost a secret room in the Mills House hotel with no windows nestled in-between an event space and the hallway. This tiny bar offers top notch cocktails contrived and served by Roger Gelis. This bar has zero pretense with attention to detail that comes out in the form of amazing libations.
[image-5]Vertical Railroad at La Farfalle

This cocktail is the perfect balance of acid from fresh pineapple juice, smokiness from aged Mezcal, and a bit of heat from jalapeño. I can imagine that this drink would pair perfectly with the pasta stemming from Michael Toscano’s kitchen.
[image-6]The Pitt Street Pharmacy Burger

A visit to the Pitt Street Pharmacy in Old Village Mount Pleasant is like a pleasant time machine back to childhood. This compounding pharmacy — a.k.a. the science of preparing personalized medications for patients — has been in business since 1937, and the soda fountain stools have been full ever since. The cheeseburger rings in at an affordable $3.75. But even better, this establishment is more than just the sandwiches, ice cream, and sodas. It’s a destination in your memory bank and brought a smile to my face.
[image-7]The Double Track Burger at The Rarebit.

I love the smaller sized burger. They just seem more manageable. Sure, who doesn’t like a massive double-cheese loaded up with all the fixins? But I don’t have time to take a nap, and my gut can’t take the pound of ground beef usually associated with the behemoths. Insert the Track Burger at the Rarebit. A single or double patty steak burger prepared on a flat top with ketchup mustard, and pickles on a Cuban bun. This simple, straight forward burger was one of the best I had during the week of burger gorging assignment.
[image-2]As an alternate cover for Burger Week. Josh Keeler of 492 was gracious enough to indulge in his highly followed burger that originated at his former establishment, Two Boroughs Larder. I couldn’t let this image not see the light of day.