My family and I have been threatening to plant a garden in my big neglected sideyard for a couple years now. We just never seem to get out there early enough. One day it’s February, and the next it’s June and we’re just too late.

But this year might be different. Legare Farms out on Johns Island is modeling a Kitchen Garden program after the Victory Garden movement in the 40s, when Americans planted 20 million gardens and produced 8 million tons of food as part of the war effort.

For $750, Legare will help you establish your own Kitchen Garden by bringing a 4-by-8 raised cedar bed to your yard and planting it with the vegetables of your choice. They’ll even maintain it throughout the season, for an extra price. You can buy as many beds as you’d like. They only require full sun. Once you get set up, they’ll even come back every year and replant your garden for you.

Last year, Legare had big success with the first year of its Community Supported Agriculture program, which lets you buy a stake in the farm’s season, getting a weekly box of produce in exchange for a small investment at the beginning of the planting. It allows farmers to raise money to plant their land, and it helps them spread the risk and/or the wealth.

My parents and I split the Legare CSA box last year, which was great, but the CSA combined with the kitchen garden might be the best way to go. We’ll get tons of veggies and be able to grow some ourselves — without too much pressure.

For more info on Legare Farms’ Kitchen Gardens or CSA program call 843-559-0788 or e-mail