John Legend, India.Arie, Vaughn Anthony

North Charleston Performing Arts Center

Sat. July 11

A diverse crowd gathered inside the Performing Arts Center on Saturday evening to see Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter John Legend with openers Vaughn Anthony and very special guest, India.Arie. The audience had one purpose in mind — to enjoy the soulful and bright R&B sounds of each artists’ repertoire.

Dancing in the aisles and at their seats to the pre-show music over the P.A., people were seriously ready to have a good time nearly an hour out from the opening act’s set.

Vaughn Anthony, the brother of the headliner, engaged the ladies in the crowd with his seductive and smooth crooning — and taking his shirt off for his last number of the evening didn’t hurt his efforts, either.

Next up was India.Arie. Her empowering voice and lyrics pumped the audience and pushed the enthusiasm of the crowd to a level almost over-the-top.

Finally, headliner John Legend appeared from the mid-section of the auditorium and began to romance the audience. The material on Legend’s new and powerful release Evolver tells the world that he’s not the typical soul and R&B artist. Judging from his performance, he’s just going to keep evolving, never complacent with his musical direction.

The audience sang along and danced to every single song. The couples kissed and held each other, swaying back and forth during the romantic ballads like, “Everybody Knows” and clapped their hands and clicked their heels to “Green Light,” one of his fast-paced jams.

Just as the seats started to empty after Legend’s final numbers, his backing singers, and his band left the stage, the audience got a treat as he returned to the stage, donning a classy white suit jacket and black tie, singing his early hit single “Ordinary People,” concluding an unforgettable evening.