Us gay men would be depressed if it wasn’t for all the pretty lights, bows, and shopping … and a shirtless Santa never hurts.

From The Advocate:

Lesbians tend to be more stressed and depressed during the holidays than straight women, according to a survey conducted by market research firm Harris Interactive.

The survey found that 80% of lesbian adults felt more stress around the holidays, compared to 64% of heterosexual women. And while 51% of lesbians said they tend to feel more depressed around the holidays, only 36% of straight women did.

Smoking is also a greater problem for lesbians, according to the survey. Twenty-five percent of lesbians said they smoked, compared to 19% of heterosexual women. Only Half of the straight women polled said they would try to quit smoking in the next year, but only 23% of lesbians said they would try to stop.