This just in: thieves stole a trailer’s worth of musical gear from local rock trio Leslie. Singer/guitarist Sadler Vaden, bassist Jason Fox, and drummer Jonathan Carman were on a brief road trip up the East Coast this week. After a performance at Mojo 13 in Wilmington, Del., on Thurs. Nov. 11, they stayed at a local motel. According to band manager Josh Terry, someone broke into the band’s trailer and swiped nearly all of its contents — guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects, PA equipment, and merchandise.

The big gig of the tour was supposed to be Fri. Nov. 12 at the Paradise Rock Club supporting Bang Camaro, but Leslie had to cancel in order to deal with the police reports and details. They’re due back in Charleston this week.

“There’s no emergency fund to cover the cost of the gear, and they don’t have insurance right now, so there won’t be any relief right now,” reports Terry. “We haven’t discussed the other shows yet, but I’m pretty confident a lot of stuff will have to be canceled because they won’t have anything to play.”

The band’s next public local show is on Fri. Dec. 17, opening for Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ at the Pour House. Here’s a donation link. Visit for updates.