Ampeg, Marshall, and Hiwatt amps turned-up loud: check.

Sparkly Slingerland drum kit: check.

Red Peavey bass: check

Chops out the yang: check.

[image-1]Local band Leslie delivered their revved-up rockstuff to a full room at the Pour House on Sat. Oct. 6th with the confidence and swagger of non-asshole rock gods.

[image-2]98X DJ Amy Hutto (of Local X) was on hand, checking out the sounds, sights, and Miller Lites with musician booking guy Kally Knight (of Knight Booking).

[image-3]Local musician/engineer Derek Cribb — an old Leslie cohort who’s been busy recording demos for the group all year — was there, too, recording the set on digital multi-track gear from the main sound booth.