Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes — oh my God. Now all you need is a pair of shoes that don’t suck. Skip the mall; that place is for high schoolers. You’re a college student now. You’ve graduated up to shoe heaven, better known as King Street.

If you’re flush with scholarship money, go to Bob Ellis, where you can scoop up premier designer looks for your every college need: cushy Giuseppe Zanotti flats for the library, trendy Miu Miu clogs for the caf, and bejeweled Louboutins for Silver Dollar. The bouncer will be so busy staring at your glistening feet that he might not even notice your ID is fake. As Kelly would say, these shoes rock, but the high price tags suck. Let’s get ’em … after they go on sale.

If you’re a Southern girl all the way (or if you are one now that you’ve moved to Charleston), head across the street to Copper Penny Shooz for some Lowcountry style. The store stocks sorority girl fav Jack Rogers in styles ranging from the yuppilicious “Sag Harbor” flats to the uppity “Black Label” platforms, and, of course, the iconic JR thong sandal. Michael Kors’ chic designs run the gamut from playful platforms and knee-high boots to strappy sandals and flirty espadrilles. For those ladies who adore primary colors and polka dots and feel naked without at least one bow per ensemble, the Kate Spade shoe collection is a must. With precocious pumps and spotty flats, all you need is Sarah Palin and you’d have a tea party.

Those with an extra crunch to their step love the sturdy, practical, outdoorsy goodness of Phillips Shoe Store, the downtown supplier of Birkenstocks, Toms, and Tevas. Meanwhile, co-eds of all creeds swarm to Phillips each semester for the seasonal essentials: Rainbow sandals and Ugg boots. Toe huggers rejoice.

College life is hard on footwear. Spilled beer eats away at your soles and before you know it, your right shoe has been tossed out the window and is dangling precariously from a tree branch. If you’re lucky, you get your feet washed — but your shoes will just get tossed. Save your precious money and head to Rack Room Shoes, a discount shoe warehouse where you can get name brand footwear, from Asics to Zigi, on a student budget. Whether you’re looking for ambiguous velcro sneaks to wear as stage crew in the school play or platform flip flops to lose in Panama City, Rack Room has you covered below the ankle.

Watch out freshman: Those dreaded 15 pounds are gaining on you. Stay a step ahead in a custom fitted pair of running sneakers from The Extra Mile. Whether you’re sprinting around campus or hiking the Ravanel Bridge, a great pair of kicks is essential. Keep the rubbing and chaffing where it belongs — on the common room couch. Sneakers from Extra Mile will keep your feet protected and supported well into your fifth year of college.

If you retain one lesson from your higher education, let it be this: You can never have too many shoes. So let’s get ’em, betch!