We got this the other day from Mt. Pleasant Councilman Ken Glasson. —JS

Dear Editor,

I attended a performance at the Playhouse in Mount Pleasant called “Defiance.” I was curious over the advertising which included a Marine in a Dress Blue uniform. Being a Mustang Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Reserve and having served for the last 28 years, I attended with some interest, but mostly skepticism over anyone attempting to pretend a role at being a Marine.

I remember watching “A Few Good Men” a few years back and attacked the inaccuracies in the movie, mostly over mannerism of the officers, Marines just don’t say some of the things that are said in that movie. While preparing to attend “Defiance” I entered with a similar chip on my shoulder and had all but desecrated the show before I even entered the Building.

To my surprise, what I found was contrary my preconceived thoughts.

Despite a few uniform corrections the play was surprisingly accurate in the mannerisms of Marines during that time in history. The boldness in the inflection of their voices, their demeanor and the direct manner in which they interacted with each other was right on the money! I was very surprised, with such a great and accurate performance, that the actors had not served in the military. The interaction between the Navy Chaplain and the Marine Officers were like looking back in time (very accurate)…and helped turn back the pages of my own interactions long ago.

I have never written an opinion about a stage performance before, but thought their effort deserved recognition.

My hats off to the Director, Actors and Staff for a wonderful evening and an outstanding effort!!!

If you have the time, I highly recommend it…


Ken Glasson


Councilman, Mount Pleasant Town Council