Of late, the Charleston City Paper has spent a lot of time covering HomeServe USA’s agreement with the Charleston Water System to provide local residents with optional home emergency repair service plans. And, while the paper has dug into the monetary benefits these utilities receive from partnering with HomeServe, it has failed to adequately highlight the true beneficiaries: the local homeowners.

Home emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, and they’re never expected or convenient. Service plans for water lines, sewer lines and other household systems provide an affordable way for homeowners to protect themselves against the cost and inconvenience of the home emergencies that basic home insurance policies typically don’t cover.

When these types of emergencies do occur, the first place people often turn is to their local utility for a solution. Until the Charleston Water System partnered with HomeServe, residents had no solution, other than to search for a contractor and fork over the money themselves. Now with a service plan through HomeServe, Charleston Water System customers can call a 24/7, 365-day-a-year Emergency Repair Hotline, and a Charleston-area, licensed, insured, and qualified contractor will be dispatched to their home to facilitate the repair. HomeServe pays the contractor directly per the terms of the plan, and guarantees the contractor’s work.

There is a reason why 50 major municipalities and utilities around the country have chosen to partner with HomeServe USA, and more than 1.8 million homeowners have signed up for coverage — because they understand the value and peace of mind these service plans offer. I encourage your readers to thoroughly review our offer and if they have further questions about whether HomeServe’s coverage makes sense for them, to give us a call.

Myles Meehan is the senior vice president for public relations at HomeServe USA.