The Dems Elusive Fantasy of “Unity”

Dems in D.C. seem to suffer from short term amnesia and severe Stockholm Syndrome. Years of Republican control in which they reminded us that “Might is Right” have left the party paralyzed to move with power even when they have it.

In just the last four years the GOP pushed through major tax cuts for the rich, over 200 judicial appointees and three Supreme Court Justices with zero Democratic support all while repeating their favorite mantra, “Elections have consequences.” Years of negotiating with a party that, even when they were not in power pretended they were, has left the Dems incapable of taking real action. Now, with a majority (regardless how small) they find themselves chasing the fantasy of unity with a party that made it clear long ago that they define “compromise” as “capitulation.”

Democrats need to wake up that Americans care about progress not process. “Make a Wish” is a charity, not an effective political strategy. Stop chasing the dragon and pursue progress. The party that won’t even acknowledge Biden is president is not interested in unity. Their game is delay and deny.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me 100 times over 15 years … it’s official … I’m a fool.

Julio Caceres

Weigh in on abortion debate

S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce estimates roughly 217,000 South Carolina residents are relying on either state or federal unemployment benefits. More than 60,000 people had already used up their 20 weeks of state unemployment eligibility and were relying on the extra 13 weeks that Congress provided earlier this year.

What is the South Carolina legislature focused on: Debate on a bill that would ban almost all abortions in the state.  

While many are focusing putting food on the table, keep a roof over their heads and losing their employer provided health insurance our elected officials are looking to outlaw abortion.

A few facts about pregnancy, 49% of pregnancies are unintended.  Women in South Carolina who make the decision to have a safe abortion, have to make two visits, they have to pay out of pocket. We have three locations total in our state that perform abortions: Greenville, Columbia and Charleston. Women in rural areas face the additional burden of traveling in some cases 50-100 miles twice.

The S.C. legislature is looking to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Instead of looking for ways to get us through this pandemic and economic disaster, they are focused on controlling women’s reproductive freedom.  

This inexcusable, they are serving a narrow minded ideology instead being public servants. Teachers could use PPE while for in person school. Our medical community could use legislation to fund extra personnel to increase testing and vaccinating our residents from COVID-19. But let’s ban abortions?

This is shameful, this is not serving the public. In a time extreme needs, our public officials continue to toss the abortion football around to see how far they can push limitations.

Citizens needs to ownership and lookup how their elected officials vote and call their offices, send emails. It is as easy as clicking this link.

Eva Sieupersad

Keep Santee close and your prevaricators closer for watching

Santee Cooper has been put on the right path out of insolvency. It should command a pretty penny if sold. Will it is an entirely different matter. We need not dinker with the prevaricator class.

We need the role of Santee as we transition to wind and solar when the pricing is unclear and the responsibilities of regulators to making good to bond and equity holders on stranded assets await resolution. Santee is critical for the next fifty years of this transition. A captive yardstick.

Both Dominion and Santee need to come up with a current asset phase-out plan and put forward rate change requests for rate increases that link those proceeds to the phase-out; that should not continue using current or new carbon-based sourcing out to an indefinite future.

SC needs a “pull the carbon plug plan” that likely includes a modest portfolio of the currents unphased-out assets. Both energy pricing reform and asset transition phaseout represent roads to better energy sources and the hurdles to achieving the potential benefits.

Fred Palm
Edisto Island