One Wright Makes a Wrong

Jack Hunter’s column, “Guilt by Association” (March 19), states the same rationalizations that Barack Obama gave. Unconvincing. It is true that McCain was endorsed by televangelist John Hagee, but Mr. Hagee was never McCain’s spiritual leader, and no matter what derogatory comments Hagee may have made, he never denounced the U.S.A. and the Jews the way Wright did. This goes way beyond race and upbringing.

Mr. Wright, as we all know, blamed the U.S.A. for 9/11 and said we brought it on ourselves, a real slam to all the relatives and friends who died on that date, not to mention to all of us to a lesser extent. Mr. Wright damned the United States. Wright has endorsed Louis Farrakhan’s statements, and his church even gave him an award. I need not remind you of all the derogatory comments Farrakhan has made concerning the Jewish people.

Now that this has been brought to the public’s attention, Obama belatedly distances himself from his pastor but says he can no more disown him than he can his grandmother. Of course he cannot disown a relative. He did not choose his relatives, but he could choose his church. Although he must have known about Wright’s statements (even if he wasn’t present to hear any of them), he didn’t denounce those statements before and never left that church. Too little, too late.

Irving S. Rosenfeld

James Island