Dice Squad

The recent raid on a friendly poker game just goes to show you that the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office has nothing better to do with its time.

I have two questions: 1. How many murders occurred during the raid? 2. How many drug deals were thwarted during that raid? I’m sure the Sheriff’s Office has bigger fish to fry than a penny-anny poker game. I’m sure there was a car being boosted or some guy being shanked by his irate girlfriend.

First of all, the law they were enforcing is obsolete and ridiculous. You can’t play cards or throw dice in this county or state, but you can buy playing cards and dice at any convenience store. Under the law, playing “go fish” or “spoons” with your children is illegal; even Monopoly and Risk are illegal because they both involve using dice. We can go buy lotto tickets with a one-in-800,000 chance of winning, but God forbid if you roll the dice and land on Park Place!

That law is just one of dozens that need to be taken off the books. Like the one law that says if you serve more than a year in jail, you get $20, a mule, and shotgun on your release. If that were true, I’d be a millionaire mule herder with a gun store!

Dan Haskell

Johns Island