A Fan Letter to Will Moredock

I read with amusement your treatise on us sinners being sautéed forever in a Lake of Fire and how if you did not believe this, your children could not go to a particular school. (“Fan Letters” by Will Moredock, March 26)

In my hometown of Greenville, there is a cadre of evangelicals that tried and tried to get the “theory of creation” introduced into high school classes. This was no less than an attempt to get the Bible taught as science in South Carolina academia. A very wise South Carolina district judge finally ruled that by any other name or “theory” we are not going to allow religion to be taught as science. End of story.

Again in a small suburb of Greenville, a gigantic Baptist church decided that the book The Catcher in the Rye was inappropriate reading material for their community because it advocated sexual aberrations. The book mentions masturbation as a phase of growing up. The church said that they would set up picket lines if the book was not removed. The book was not removed, but was put in a place that the public could not see it; you could get it you asked for it. They left Mein Kampf out in the open.

Alfred V. Campbell

Daniel Island